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Magical Workshop Spring-Summer Schedule 2022

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Join me for a series of stand-alone workshops on magical topics!

Each month in 2022 I will be offering online workshops for you to explore specific magical topics. Discussion will be encouraged so we can really dive into the different aspects of these, and I will share practical tools for you to develop and build your own practice.

To book individual workshops at £6 each, book using the buttons below!

These workshops and talks are also included in offerings to Patreons at the £5+ tier, to join my Patreon go here;

I look forward to you joining me on this adventure!


*** Wednesday 23rd March 2022 ~ Elements of Magic ~ 7pm GMT

An introduction to using the five classical elements in modern pagan and ritual practice, based in experience in Reclaiming, Druidry, and ceremonial magic.

*** Wednesday 13th April 2022 ~ Intuitive Tarot Reading ~ 7pm GMT

Bring a deck of tarot cards and a willingness to have a go! This is for anyone who wants to step away from the books, or get started reading cards intuitively. (Exercises most suitable to sighted people, but can be adapted, let me know if you need adjustments of this kind!)

*** Wednesday 11th May 2022 ~ Building Sacred Space ~ 7pm GMT

In paganism and witchcraft, everything is sacred, but we often forget. This discussion based workshop will be on topics of how we create a space for the sacred in our lives, and for ritual (including altar building, circle casting, and personal temples/groves...)

*** Wednesday 8th June 2022 ~ Ritual & Flow; Building a Practice ~ 7pm GMT

Magic is a practice. To bring it into our lives, involves practicing... and sometimes it can be hard to know where to start in building, or rebuilding, a practice that works in our lives now. This workshop will look at rituals and daily activities, as well as subtle ways of bringing magic into our everyday lives.

*** Wednesday 13th July 2022 ~ Archetypes, Gods, and Spirits ~ 7pm GMT

Let's talk theology! What's the difference between a god and an archetype? Where do spirits fit in? Do I need a patron deity to be a pagan (or a witch)? In this workshop we'll discuss the whats, whys and "huh?"s of this topic, and some practical ways of working with deity.

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