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Course: Folkloric Faery Magic

What is Folkloric Faery magic?

Faery magic is, simply, working magic in relationship with faery spirits, who are primarily (arguably) spirits with close ties to the land and magic. I’ve spent my entire life working with the Fae in one way or another, from greeting them everywhere as a child, to my current practice of prayer, honouring the Land Spirits, storytelling to share their magic, and travelling to Faeryland (in a manner often described as shamanic).

Folkloric Faery Magic is that, but with citations and explorations of folklore.

In this course, then, I will be guiding you through some folkloric elements of faery magic so you can deepen your understanding and build your own practice in relationship with these spirits.

The six main lessons are:

  1. What is Folkloric Faery Magic? Getting Started, altars, and understandings.

  2. Opening the Way: A Foundation for working safely with the Fair Folk.

  3. Beginning On the Path: Recognising Faery Magic, making contact, and offerings.

  4. Crossing the Rivers: Magical Housework, Faery gateways, and the Beloved Dead.

  5. Entering Faeryland: Faery taboos and customs, and dreamwork.

  6. Returning Home: Finding clues to continue onwards, house spirits, and your path ahead.

How does this Online Course work?

This course is delivered by email, six main lessons sent out weekly for you to work on at your own pace. I will take questions and compile FAQs throughout the course. There is also a private Discord server for students to share experiences and support each other if desired.

Special Offer for early birds!

Weekly email support with any questions you have about the material and an early bird price:

Early birds; £75 (normally £99)

And you’ll also receive any additions or bonuses to the course made in the future such as story recordings, meditations, FAQs…

An invoice will be sent shortly after registration and your place is secured on receipt of payment. Contact me for instalment plans, or alternative methods of payment. I can also offer a couple of discounted places if you are struggling financially so please do get in touch.

About Halo:

I’ve spent my entire life pixie led, and have been explicitly devoted to the Faery Queen for over a decade, with two decades of faery relations, magical work, and training under my belt. I’ve taught classes on working with the elements, the spirits of the land, stories old and new and many others, but my favourite classes are always those working with the Fae. It is my honour to share this work with you. My book, “Pagan Portals: Your Faery Magic” has found a home with over 2000 faery lovers and my storytelling show "The Goblin Circus", born of a union between faery magic and performance, has appeared at many events across Britain, enchanting as we go.

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