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Foundations of Witchcraft

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Learn the keys to start practicing The Craft in your own way, from considering theory to casting your first spell.

This four week introductory course covers:

  • The Magic of Magic

  • Basic energy management

  • Witchcraft as working with spirits

  • The question of gods

  • Materia Magica

  • Basic spell construction

  • ... And more...

Each week includes a video lecture (broken into shorter themed segments, with captioning), a PDF grimoire page worksheet, and access to the private classroom in the discussion forum to share your journey and support each other.

Halo will also be keeping an eye on the discussions for questions and support!

Start at any time and work at your own pace with lifetime access to the material and any updates made.


A Note from Halo

Dear Seeker,

If you've stumbled onto this page then I suspect you already have an inkling that The Craft is calling you, that you have a longing to weave magic with your own self, but perhaps you're not quite sure where to begin. Or perhaps you've made a faltering step or two and found yourself wandering the labyrinthine halls of wonder, seeking a thread to guide you through. And now you've found yourself at my table, a pot of tea brewing just for you.

That suggests to me that you have found yourself exactly where you need to be.

So, I’d like to share a bit about my motivations for making Foundations of Witchcraft with you…

My magical practice has shaped my life in so many positive ways, bringing connection, beauty, and joy to my days, as well as challenging me to continue to be and do better every year.

I've always worked to be my best self, but there's a meme floating round social media currently, which recommends instead;

“Be your favourite self.”

And magic has definitely helped me to learn who and what my favourite self is, and how to get closer to that every day. I love to share those gifts it has given me with others, but while I had very few options for starting points into the Craft back when I began, the sheer weight of information available now is a maze. People are arriving at my door not knowing where to start, or how to know what, in all the myriad of ways of practicing, is correct.

And therein lies the challenge.

Witchcraft is both an art and a science, but more than anything else it is a practice, not a dogma. There is no "one true way". And yet, without a foundation, building anything worthwhile becomes impossible. With a good foundation, everything is possible.

The foundations of the Craft, as far as I’m concerned, are really, actually, very simple.

~ Knowing yourself and your heart

~ “Listening” to the world around you

~ Connecting with the magic within and without

~ Influencing the world for the better

But even then the ways in which you might go about it are many and varied, and finding sources which talk about the reasons for certain activities can be tricky… If, however, you know the why behind the what, you have a better chance of doing things in a way that works for you!

This is why I created Foundations of Witchcraft.

I wanted to share both theory and practice on the real fundamentals of magic, and of witchcraft in particular, in a way that people could get started practicing. Something accessible and flexible, and still thoughtful. So that’s what I’ve done. A series of videos, four classes broken into shorter pieces, with worksheets (AKA Grimoire pages) for you to start work on your own Book of Magic, and a private forum to share your experiences and support each other.

All presented so you can study at home, at your own pace.

In it we talk about the metaphysics behind a worldview in which magic is very real, and we can create change in the world around us through unseen influences. You may find guidance on the practicalities of energy movement, personal protection, beginning to build relationships with the spirits that can help, where to find material for use in spells, a simple candle ritual, and more.

So, lovely folks, if you’d like to come play; register here:

In Delight,


PS: I have priced this course really low to keep it as accessible as possible because this is important work. If, however, you can afford to and would like to add a tip, then you can choose to pay more. Those that can and do make it possible for me to do this work sustainably, to pay for the website, and to eventually add transcripts and more materials. Thank you, sincerely, whatever you choose.

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