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About Halo

Author. Teacher. Witch. Founder of TEA.

Halo has been studying magic for over quarter of a century, and teaching for at least half that. For someone who has spent their whole life away with the faeries, Halo is surprisingly prolific, with multiple magical books published and more on the way.

She/they are a queer, ADHD, pagan, fey, spirit-led polytheist, and is passionate about opening the door to magic for anyone who needs it. 


Halo lives on the wild Welsh coast and recently finished their PhD in the philosophy of storytelling.

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About Halo: About


The path that led me here...



A lifelong compulsion...

From academic articles to pagan poetry Halo has been published in a range of genres over the past decade, alongside studying philosophy and completing her doctorate in the philosophy of storytelling.

Books Include:

Your Faery Heart (OOP)

Pixie Kisses (OOP)

Your Faery Magic

Gods & Goddesses of Wales

Twisted: Honest reflections of a kinky witch

All That Glitters: Wanderings & wonderings of a Changeling Bard

Folktales, Faeries, & Spirits

Crimson Craft - Sexual Magic for the solo witch

Always enchanted...

As well as a lifelong personal practice, Halo has run regular seasonal rituals for both public and private groups for over a decade, in general neo-pagan styles and more specific traditions including Druidry (OBOD and ADF), Reclaiming Witchcraft, and traditional Witchcraft. She has also facilitated handfastings and rituals for specific magical workings, and co-priestessed for ceremonial rituals.


Sharing wonder at the world

Halo has taught and co-taught various pagan workshops, and has experience in teaching jewellery making, creative writing, philosophy, and storytelling. 

Previous Workshops & Classes include:

  • Elements of Magic, an Online Course

  • Star Club, with Sefriel Salem

  • Faery Queen as Goddess, a workshop

  • Spirits of the Land, a workshop with Susan Moonroot


“All That Glitters by Halo Quin is a heady mix of poetry and prose, folklore and personal insight. This is a book of re-enchantment. Halo is steeped in folklore and has a powerful personal relationship with the wild and the natural world. At the same time there’s a sweetness to her work, and warmth in it. “

Nimue Brown,

druid & author.


“it literally sent shivers down my spine – it was as if you had seen inside me and were uncovering a hidden purpose or course.  I was a bit blown away... I need to write it out and have it as my motto on the wall to continually remind myself not to go with the flow but to resonate at my own depth and speed.”

After an intuitive session with Halo

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