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The Enchanted Academy ~ (A.K.A. TEA ~ because TEA is magic)

A real school of magic and witchcraft, for genuine seekers, open-hearted misfits, and the interminably curious.
If that's you, pour yourself a cuppa and join our circle. Welcome home.

Welcome: Welcome
B&W full moon over water with distortion

Welcome to T. E. A.

Welcome, dear hearts...

Do you too dream of a world filled with magic and wondrous beings, with possibility and beauty? Of a gentle power that leads you along the right road, and strengthens you, filling you with courage and luck? 

Do you wish to wield magic in your own hands? 

In an uncertain world, magic brings hope. Experience of the otherworldly brings companionship and guidance. Life is full of signs and support, of spirits and possibility, and of power to shape our lives to our own hearts' desires.

In TEA we build relationships with the otherworld, we learn from the spirits, we uncover our hearts' desires and the path to them. We strengthen ourselves and find our home.

In TEA we choose magic.

Will you join me? 

Halo Pic.png

Our Founder: Halo Quin

Author. Teacher. Witch.

Halo has been studying magic for over quarter of a century, and teaching for about half that. For someone who has spent their whole life away with the faeries, Halo is surprisingly prolific, with multiple magical books published and more on the way.

Find more about Halo here.

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