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Getting started at TEA

So you've always known the world is more magical than people will admit, that you are capable of more than you've been told. You've always known, deep down, that your life could be magical.

I'm here to tell you that you are right.

Magic is a practice, a process, a way of living. Engaging with it fully involves stepping outside of the race of the world, but even a little bit of enchantment is possible. There are skills you can learn, tips and tricks you can build, to enchant your own life, and enchant for your dream life, where you are living as magically as you always knew was possible.

Welcome to the place where you can hone those skills.

We are each starting from a slightly different place, with a different path to walk, but magic is possible for each and every one of us. Check out the paths below for what you need right now, whether that is more knowledge, daring to do it, or supporting each other in a magical community!


To Know

Knowledge is the key to shaping your own path. You can explore The Enchanted Grimoire here, subscribe to the Patreon for curated articles and early access to Grimoire Pages, or buy books from Quin's Books, written or recommended by Halo.


To Will & To Dare

To practice magic it helps to know what you truly desire, and how to apply the knowledge you have gathered. To that end there are a variety of courses available through TEA which you can find in our courses section


To Keep Silent, or not...

Us misfits know what it feels like to be on the outskirts of society, so come and support each other in the forums. Ask questions and listen to the answers. Discuss your experiences and share your wisdom. We all have so much to learn from each other!

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A Manifesto

A note from Halo Quin

Welcome all misfits who know there is magic,

welcome all you who were told you were weird,

welcome all you who seek your true spirit,

welcome to all who have longed to be heard.

For we are the misfits who seek the deep magic,

we are the outsiders who long to belong,

in ourselves and a world which is blessed with wonder,

we move with the spirits who teach us to be strong.

For we are the witches, magicians, enchanters,

we are the ones who were told we were wrong.

So we’ll blend and we’ll brew up a sweet gift of Awen,

and find in enchantment that we have come home.

So welcome dear misfits, you’ll fit here with us,

and welcome the dreamers and outsider hearts,

in this teapot of magic we’ll brew up our wyrd

and learn how to be true to all of our parts.

My 25+ years of studying magic has given me wonderful gifts: 

In a world that discourages authenticity: I know who I am, I know my heart and my spirit, my limits and limitlessness.

In a world that tried to keep me small: I have the confidence to stand tall as all that I am, to shape my life how I choose.

In a world that wants us powerless: I have the skills to do exactly that, crafting my own destiny.

And in a world where I am often an outsider: I finally belong.

I would love to support you in gaining these gifts for yourself too. Authenticity. Empowerment. Self-knowledge. Belonging. 

TEA is my offering to the world, where I share tools to develop those skills with you, over a cuppa or two. In this academy you will find:

  • an ever expanding grimoire of magical knowledge

  • classes and courses to support your magical journey

  • a forum for supporting each other and finding your people.

Welcome home.

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