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Tree Magic ~ Ogham and More

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Witches, Pagans and Druids are all known for working magic with trees, and there are plenty of sources for correspondences (or treelore) but how can you actually start working with them? How are you supposed to use the information?!

Here are three ways as inspiration:

Divination ~ the modern method of ogham staves is a good example, but there are other ways such as throwing leaves and divining the patterns, or using apple peel. Find a page on tree divination here.

Folk Charms and Sympathetic Magic ~ Often you'll find examples in the information of ways people used to (and still do) use parts of trees, from healing childhood illness with the ash tree to making rowan crosses for protection.

Listening to the Tree Spirits ~ The trees themselves are beings with great wisdom. If you get to know your local trees, they can become friends that support and guide you through challenging times.

I'll write more about the specifics of these in later posts but for now when you read up on specific trees make a note of the symbolic and magical meanings, and see if there are any folk charms that appeal listed. Make a note of those pieces in your magical journal and try them out at an appropriate time, see what happens!

If you can, get out and visit the trees themselves. Study them in their environment. Notice how they grow, how they react to the world around you, how they look. Where do they grow? When do they flower? What do they feed? All of this will give you information on how they might aid you in your magic.

Begin to build a relationship with specific trees. Find the trees that feel welcoming and spend time with them. Share your drinks with them. Sing to them. Learn about them under their branches. This magic is one of working with these beings as partners. Start from there and see where it leads you.

Always double check your reading in a few sources because sometimes things get mis-heard and shared where they're not effective, and if you aren't used to the tree in question you may find there is important practical information omitted from the account - such as the inadvisability of cutting branches in early summer as it is bad for the trees - on the assumption that the reader already knows this. And some woods are toxic, or have poisonous berries, or medicinal properties which would react badly with your body.

But with that said... trees can make lovely magical friends, and you always know where to find them!


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