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Tree Magic: Divination

(Part 2 of an Introduction to Tree Magic series - find part 1 here)

We can work with tree magic in many ways, one of the most common nowadays is divination via the modern model of the ogham.

The ogham was originally an alphabet, but each symbol has become associated with a tree, and in more recent years this has become a divination system where by each symbol is marked on a stave (stick) and they are pulled at random for a reading, much like tarot cards or rune readings.

The staves can be laid out in a set pattern or tossed in the air and read how they fall.

In this method the diviner learns the symbolism of the trees and interprets the symbols based on what they see. in relation to the question at hand. For example; Birch is the tree of new beginnings, so if someone asks about what's going to happen in their job and the Silver Birch shows up, the message is that a new work opportunity is coming their way.

Another method is to look for patterns in fallen twigs or leaves, or the ways the branches overhead form shapes. You might choose a tree that has sway in the area you are asking about, or one that you have a relationship with. Or perhaps a tree such as Hazel or Beech who are said to share knowledge.

You may have come across dowsing with hazel branches, chosen for a specific shape. These are said to be particularly good for finding water, but may also help with finding treasure, ley lines, or your way.

There are also folk divinations, such as the practice of peeling an apple in a single, continuous line on Hallowe'en, then throwing it over your shoulder and wishing. The apple peel is said to fall in the shape of your future husband's initials. (it was traditional performed by unmarried maidens... but could likely be adapted to "future partner", or lover, nowadays.)


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