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The Enchanted Grimoire ~ Introduction & Contents

Welcome to The Enchanted Grimoire!

At TEA our mission is to re-enchant the world by providing resources to the magical misfits who need them, so you can develop your magical life and deepen your connection to the otherworlds (and this one).

In the pages (posts) of this (online) tome you will find skills and tools, treelore, starlore, and other magical lore to employ in your magical journey. These pages are offered as a starting point for your practice, for you to take and build on for your personal magical use.

These are offered freely and without charge, but if you would like to support the ongoing expansion of this Grimoire and TEA as a whole, and get access to these posts early, please consider becoming a patron on Patreon.

So, dear hearts, light a candle, pour yourself a cuppa, and get stuck in.

~ Halo Quin

Contents / Index of Pages

(links to come as the pages as posted!)

General Posts

The Practice of Magic - what, why, how, when, and who?

Witches, Pagans, and Druids, oh my!

How do Witches Craft?

The Question of Deity

Our body, our tools

Grounding - what, why, and how?

Tree Magic

An Introduction to Tree Magic (coming 20th August 2021)

- Divination with Trees (coming 27th August 2021)

- Folk and Sympathetic Magic

- Listening to the Trees

Treelore: Silver Birch


Foundations of Witchcraft

Elements of Magic

Faery Magic in Folktales


A note on fair use: I offer these to support the magical community that has supported me throughout my journey, and I trust that you will be honourable in your use. If you share them, please credit the author (Halo Quin unless otherwise specified), and link back to the source here at

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The Practice of Magic

Real Magic - what is it? Why would you do it? How can you do magic? Here are some answers.


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